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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – Robert Kriegel

G.D. Amber
OG 1.052
FG 1.011

6.5lb US 2-Row
1lb Crystal 40
1lb Melanoiden
1lb Munich
.5lb Crystal 20

60min .5lb light Brown Sugar
60min .5oz Simcoe
30min .5oz Simcoe
10min .1oz Irish Moss
5min 1tsp Yeast Nutrient
0min 1oz Amarillo
0min 1oz Cascade

2 US-05

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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – Ray Grace

Iron Brewer IPA
American IPA
OG 1.064
FG 1.013

10lb US 2-row
1 lb Melanoidin

Mash 151 deg / Batch Sparge

30 min 1oz Simcoe
15 min .5oz Simcoe
0 min 2oz Simcoe
0 min 1lb Brown Sugar

DH .5oz Amarillo
DH .5oz Mosaic

WLP 001 California Ale
Fermented 68deg

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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – Kevin Myhre

Wild Dates
American Amber Ale
OG 1.057
FG 1.014

5lbs 2-row
1lb Crystal 80
1lb Melanoidin
1lb Wild Rice

Mash 152 deg for 75 min

60 min .5oz simcoe
15 min .5oz simcoe
15 min 1lb Brown Sugar
10 min 1t Irish Moss

1332 Wyest NW Ale
Primary for 73deg

Secondary 1lb Carmelized Dates

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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – David Crane

Wacky Wee Heavy
Strong Scotch Ale
OG 1.077
FG 1.019

20 lbs Maris Otter
3 lbs Melanoidin
1 lbs Crystal 60
.5 lbs Roasted Barley
.25 lbs Biscuit
2 lbs Brown Sugar

Mash 155 60 min (1.5qt/lb)
Fly Sparge for 50 min

60 min 2oz Simcoe
20 min 1.5oz Simcoe
5days DH 1oz Simcoe

WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale
60 deg for 22 days and 50 deg for 11 days

Reduced one gallon of first runnings and 1.5lbs brown sugar to 4 cups of syrup and added last 20 minutes of the boil.

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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – Shane Kelley

Ouentironk Season
OG 1.064
FG 1.006

7lb Pilsner Malt
3.5lb Wheat Malt
1lb Melanoiden

Mash 148deg for 75min

60 min .5oz Simcoe
15 min 1lb Brown Sugar
15 min .5oz Simcoe
0 min 1 oz Simcoe
7days DH 2oz Simcoe

BelleSaison -Danstar (Dry)
3.61 oz Priming Sugar

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Batch #4 Preliminary Round Winners – David Ray

Brown Dwarf Special
American Brown
OG 1.058
FG 1.011

9.50lb Weyerman Vienna Basemalt
1.50lb Weyerman Melanoidin Basemalt
.5lb Briess Choc Malt (375)
1lb Brown Sugar

150 Dough-in rase to 152-153 for 90 min

TWH .75oz Simcoe
20min .25oz Simcoe
0min .50oz Simcoe

wyeast 1007 4L starter
58 deg for 6weeks
bottle condition w/ brown sugar

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Batch #4 Bottle and Recipe Forms

The Bottle entry form:  Bottle Form.pdf

The Iron Brewer Recipe Form: Recipe Form.docx


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Batch #4 Registration!

Finally after much debate on the rule changes, Batch #4 is here!  There are 60 open spots for the preliminary round. Unlike previous Batches, there will only be 1 preliminary round so act now.

The Timeline:

  • Registration will be from 5pm April 25th to 5pm April 30th (see belowPay Pal button to Register)
  • Brewing timeline officially begins May 1st, entrants may start after signup
  • Entries will be accepted June 26th thru July 3rd, 2013 
  • Winners Announced July 8th for Championship Round (Championship Round will start the following week)

Required Ingredients:

Register for Batch #4:

To sign up for Batch #4, pay the $10 registration fee through the Pay Pal “Pay Now” link below. The fee guarantees your entry into Iron Brewer and  is non refundable.

Please refer to the rules regarding shipping, costs, quantities, and other questions.  If you still have questions please email Peter (at) ironbrewer dot com.

Good Luck Homebrewers, I can’t wait to taste your creations!

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Iron Brewer® Batch 4 Coming Soon with Big Changes

Not to worry the next batch of Iron Brewer® is coming soon.  We are making some big changes to increase the number of brewers and decrease the cost of the competition.  Keep checking back or follow @Iron_brewer on twitter or Ironbrewer on Facebook.

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Batch 3 Championship Round Lime Cream Ale by Robert French

OG	(expected)	1.063
FG	(expected)	1.021
ABV	 (expected)	5.45%
SRM	(expected)	12
IBU	(expected)	31

Recipe is based on 80% mash efficiency
60 minute boil
All Grain

Maris Otter		8lbs	78%
Honey Malt		1lbs	9.7%
Milk Sugar		1lbs	9.7%
Chocolate Malt		.25lbs	2.6%

Centennial	10AA		.50oz	60min
Cascade	6.2AA		.50oz	30min
Lime Zest			.30oz	15min
Lime Peel			.50oz	15min
Cascade	6.2AA		1oz	Flame out
Cascade	6.2AA		.50oz	Dry hop
Lime Zest			.20oz	w/Dry hop
Lime Peel			.50oz	w/Dry hop

White labs	Cream Ale Blend WLP080

Water Additions
5.2 Mash

Mash Schedule
Full Mash
152 degrees for 70 minutes, 1.25 qt/grain ratio

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