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Batch 2 Round 4 Brewer, Corey Scott

Eight years ago, I bought my first Imperial Stout, and I’ve been hooked on craft beer ever since. I ran an online forum of about 5000 other enthusiasts for several years, as well as a weekly online beer review radio show, before I turned my attention to the world of homebrewing about five years ago. My budget, my tongue, and my brain have been enjoying it ever since! After about a dozen extract kit brews, I bought a stack of books and spent countless hours online researching every aspect of all-grain brewing that I could. I usually have two or three batches fermenting at any given moment, and a wide array of grains, hops, and yeast cultures on hand. In my latest adventure, I’ve just started growing my first hop vines in my front yard. I’m excited to be a part of Iron Brewer, because I love a good brewing challenge, and look forward to the camaraderie with my fellow Iron Brewers!

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  1. Corey Scott says

    PS, I’m the one on the left. My 2-year-old is still brewing with a Mr. Beer kit. Also, I forgot to mention that I live in Rocklin, CA.

  2. balsamsbrewing says

    May be a double team effort “brewing” here!